Review: Cold Earth

Cold Earth by Sarah Moss (Granta) I've had this on my shelf for a while, in fact the very minute I finished 'Ghost Wall' (my review of that is here) I immediately went and searched for anything else Sarah Moss had written. I discovered via Moss's website that I have a lot more to look… Continue reading Review: Cold Earth


Review: The House On Half Moon Street

The House On Half Moon Street  by Alex Reeve (Bloomsbury - Raven) Welcome to Victorian London. It's a place we're familiar with - the slums, poverty, prostitution, criminality, dirt and fog contrasting with the slightly richer folk. The new middle classes in their comfortable homes with their numerous children and overstuffed sitting rooms. Around it… Continue reading Review: The House On Half Moon Street

Take Joy! The Tasha Tudor Christmas Book

Take Joy by Tasha Tudor  (The World Publishing Company, 1966) I have no idea how this wonderful book came to be in the possession of a small girl (me)  in Leeds in the late 1970s. I think it came from my Grandparent's house when my Granddad moved into sheltered housing, but how they came to… Continue reading Take Joy! The Tasha Tudor Christmas Book

Review: The Honours

The Honours by Tim Clare (Canongate) I have absolutely no idea how I happened upon Tim Clare on Twitter - some algorithm sorcery no doubt  -  but I'm glad I did. I wrote a little bit about his fab podcast 'Death by 1000 Cuts'  in this post, have had some excellent board game advice from… Continue reading Review: The Honours

Bookish Podcasts I like (four of them, to start with)

I mainly started listening to podcasts because there's very little chance of being ambushed by an awful news bulletin while doing so - however quickly  I can get to the off button, sometimes I'm not fast enough. They're brilliant for surviving a hideous Friday on the M40/M1/most roads around Oxford at rush hour, or if… Continue reading Bookish Podcasts I like (four of them, to start with)

Review: Once Upon a River

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Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield (Transworld, Penguin Random House) On a cold winter night by the Thames an injured man carries a drowned child into an Inn. The Inn, The Swan, is renowned for its storytelling landlord and its warm welcome. The Ockwell family have run it for years, there are regulars who have… Continue reading Review: Once Upon a River

A Pleasing Terror…

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  ...Scary Reads for Winter Nights. I do enjoy a fright! I love ghost stories (but not horror, I am not keen on blood and gore). What I delight in is an encroaching sense of  unease and doom. Whatever you may like to call it M.R. James called it 'a pleasing terror', and who am… Continue reading A Pleasing Terror…