My Review Policy


I read as much as I can, I’m a bit of a bookish magpie, but here are my particular loves, and in genres I’m happy to review:


Nature writing, nature and travel memoirs/essay collections – in fact they were what got me into this book reviewing lark in the first place!


Spooky books: I love a good ghost story, or a book with a supernatural aspect, nothing gory though, I do not like graphic horror at all!

Historical Fiction: anything from Medieval times to the 1960s (and are the 1970s historical now? I can’t quite believe it!).

Detective stories : set in the past, or the future, with any extra quirk you can think of (they do all tend to be loners, but some of them have magical powers – magical detectives are my favourite sub-genre). Again though, I like my murders off the page, not laid out in detail as they’re happening. Not “cosy crime” though, as I don’t think those two words belong in the same sentence…

I do occasionally review YA and fantasy, but not very often, and they have to really grab me.


When I write a review I’ll always post it to Twitter, and often to Instagram (Instagram is much more likely if I’ve got physical book!). I also post on NetGalley and Waterstones. I don’t post reviews to Amazon – in fact I can’t because I have succesfully had nothing to do with them for a few years now – I never buy anything from them, so am not allowed to post reviews.


I am happy to take part in blog tours if I am given plenty of notice, and will post reviews as above.


If you’d like to contact me about reviewing a book this is where you can find me:

Twitter: @FiNutbrown

Instagram: @makewalkread



Happy making, walking and reading!